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Transform your outdoor living space with a custom patio and walkway, enhancing your property's functionality and aesthetics. Let our experts build stunning patios, just the way you imagined.  


A new patio and walkway will increase the value of your property. Plus, they make your outdoor space look stunning and appealing. That’s why you’d want to let the experts on your team complete these constructions just the way you want. With over 10 years, we’ve been providing professional landscape service in Michigan. We use our experience and expertise to craft a beautiful patio or walkway according to your taste and style. Using only the best materials, our team will expertly build a patio or walkway that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Additionally, with our installed patios, and walkways, you can protect your landscaping from damage caused by foot traffic. 


Not only in residential properties, patios and walkways can also enhance the aesthetics of your commercial spaces. If you have a plan to add customized patios and walkways for your commercial space, you’re in luck because we provide one of the best commercial landscape services in Michigan. Contact us at +1 586-871-5330 now and book a meeting for your project.


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Our mission here at Platinum Lawns is to design & build Beautiful outdoor spaces without the hassle.


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