Landscaping Services in Washington

Landscaping Services in Washington, MI

In Washington, MI, Platinum Landscape offers a full suite of landscaping services for both commercial and residential spaces. We have an experienced team of landscape designers and supervisors. With the help of our highly skilled, experienced team, we have successfully completed 350+ landscape installation and maintenance projects so far for over 14 years. This proves our ability as a landscaping service provider near Washington, MI. When it comes to creating a beautiful and picture-perfect landscape view for you, we’re always here to offer you the finest professional landscape services in Michigan state.  
We understand the needs of Washington properties and try hard to surpass your expectations. Based on your specific requirements, we offer comprehensive landscape services from design proposal to installation to landscape maintenance. Whether you’re looking to enhance your garden with vibrant plants, create stunning hardscapes, or maintain a pristine lawn, you can rely on our creatively dedicated team. They are the heart of everything we do here. And they are serving the Washington community with the following services: 


As one of the fastest-growing landscaping service providers in Washington, MI, We always maintain loyalty and commitment to our clients. We’re absolutely focused on creating a beautiful outdoor space with the finest materials, especially when it comes to installing hardscape elements such as patios, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, brick walls, fences, and so on. 
We are eco-conscious and we believe everyone should be if we want this planet to sustain. That’s why we also emphasize integrating softscapes in landscape design as well. This sustainable practice ensures your landscape remains beautiful and eco-friendly. 
Choose Our Landscape Service Today in Washington, Michigan! Let’s Make Every View Breathtakingly Beautiful and Pristine.

List of Our Landscaping Services in Washington

At Platinum Landscape Service, we provide a comprehensive range of landscaping services customized to fulfill the needs of both residential and commercial clients in Washington, MI. 

Our Landscaping Design and Maintenance Services Include the following: 

  • Design Consultation
  • Landscape Design (Softscape, Hardscape, and Xeriscaping)
  • Grading
  • Tree Planting
  • Masonry
  • Cleanups
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Snow Removal
  • Spring and fall cleanups
  • Lawn Maintenance 


Why We Are the Best Landscaping Service Provider in Washington?


  • Highest Client Retention Rate: Our clients, both commercial and residential, are simply happy with us. So, they consistently choose to continue working with us. Our highest client retention rate reflects all about our dedication, quality, and customer care. 
  • Expertise and Experience: With over 14 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to handle any landscaping project. So, our clients never have to feel skeptical about us!
  • Everything Under One Roof: From design to maintenance, we offer a full range of services. Our ability to meet all your landscaping needs makes us a one-stop solution. 


Residing in Washington, MI? Contact Us for Your Landscaping Service Today. Call Us at +1 586-871-5330 and Get your first Consultation. 

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Our Popular Services




Transform your landscape with timeless masonry features! From stunning stone patios to elegant brick fireplaces, our expert masonry solutions at Platinum Landscape Service ensure beauty and durability. 

Masonry in the residential landscape is a vital element of hardscaping. It involves the use of materials such as stones, bricks, and concrete to construct various outdoor structures. Some of these structures are stone walls, outdoor brick fireplaces, natural stone patios, retaining walls, and block water features. If your project needs brick, blended brick, structural brick, concrete masonry units (CMU), or blended CMU, Platinum Lawn Service and Landscaping expert masonry solution can help you out. 
The weather can't damage our masonry constructions, so they look good and function well for a long time. Besides, the masonry doesn't need much upkeep, so your investment stands the test of time. Apart from its durability, the masonry adds a timeless and sophisticated look to any landscape. 
The natural texture and color of stone and brick can match any rustic or modern design style. Also, the retaining walls can prevent soil erosion, patios provide perfect spaces for outdoor gatherings and fire pits create cozy points for your yards. Most of all, masonry can significantly increase the value of your residential property by making it attractive to buyers. 
Platinum Landscape offers professional landscape services in Michigan where we work closely with you to provide masonry solutions for your residential property. Our hardworking landscaping crew has years of experience and a great eye for detail to make sure that every masonry project is done right. Also, to ensure durability, we use the highest quality materials, whether it’s brick, stone, or concrete. 
With our exceptional residential landscape services in Michigan, we can build a masonry that matches the design and style. Call us at +1 586-871-5330 today to get an estimate.  

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Brick Walls


Redecorate your landscape with elegant and functional brick walls! Create stunning garden zones, reduce noise, and boost your property's visual appeal with Platinum Landscape Service's expert masonry
Brick walls in landscaping are long-lasting hardscape structures. A wall made of bricks can easily complement most houses and landscapes. They act as a solid barrier along roads or footpaths to reduce noise and give you better privacy. A brick wall structure doesn’t only add to the beauty of landscapes but also increases the usability of the space by creating separate zones within your outdoor space. 
A brick wall can significantly change the outdoor appearance by improving the visual appeal of a garden. They help divide a garden into discrete areas which gives you more options like varied planting schemes or installing softscapes elements and the creation of unique outdoor spaces like fireplaces. Also, these walls can provide extra seating, create features like patios or ponds, and support overhead structures such as pergolas
Get Residential Landscape Services in Michigan from Platinum Landscape to construct a brick wall in your outdoor area. Our team is good at designing and building walls that serve practical purposes and add to the beauty of your gardening space. 
Whether you need a terraced area, a noise barrier, or a decorative feature, our brick wall service can take your landscape one step further in terms of beauty and usability. Choose our professional landscape services in Michigan! Request a quote for brick wall services today. Or you can call us directly at +1 586-871-5330.

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