Transform your landscape with timeless masonry features! From stunning stone patios to elegant brick fireplaces, our expert masonry solutions at Platinum Landscape Service ensure beauty and durability. 

Masonry in the residential landscape is a vital element of hardscaping. It involves the use of materials such as stones, bricks, and concrete to construct various outdoor structures. Some of these structures are stone walls, outdoor brick fireplaces, natural stone patios, retaining walls, and block water features. If your project needs brick, blended brick, structural brick, concrete masonry units (CMU), or blended CMU, Platinum Lawn Service and Landscaping expert masonry solution can help you out. 
The weather can't damage our masonry constructions, so they look good and function well for a long time. Besides, the masonry doesn't need much upkeep, so your investment stands the test of time. Apart from its durability, the masonry adds a timeless and sophisticated look to any landscape. 
The natural texture and color of stone and brick can match any rustic or modern design style. Also, the retaining walls can prevent soil erosion, patios provide perfect spaces for outdoor gatherings and fire pits create cozy points for your yards. Most of all, masonry can significantly increase the value of your residential property by making it attractive to buyers. 
Platinum Landscape offers professional landscape services in Michigan where we work closely with you to provide masonry solutions for your residential property. Our hardworking landscaping crew has years of experience and a great eye for detail to make sure that every masonry project is done right. Also, to ensure durability, we use the highest quality materials, whether it’s brick, stone, or concrete. 
With our exceptional residential landscape services in Michigan, we can build a masonry that matches the design and style. Call us at +1 586-871-5330 today to get an estimate.  


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